We have new Domains.

Yes Yes, the guy down the road, that knows another guy from up the road and they came to us and said.

OI we have domains you wanna buy some new domains, and we said "Yeah Sure"

Hopefully, this tickles some people HEHEHE These are the new Domains

  • .Healthcare
  • .Holiday
  • .ninja ( YEAH NINJA'S )
  • .trade
  • .rock
  • .joburg
  • .capetown
  • .durban

We love the Ninja one
So this has expanded our lists of domains.

Current Domains for sale

.co.za .za.com .com.au .se .camera
.org.za .sa.com .co.na .tv .camp
.web.za .mobi .co.uk .vc .careers
.net.za .info .org.uk .academy .center
.joburg .biz .de .agency .city
.capetown .name .eu .bargains .clothing
.durban .co .gr .bike .club
.com .cc .me .build .codes
.net .co.com .net.au .builders .coffee
.org .co.mu .us .cab .company
.computer .energy .global .trade .mu
.construction .engineering .graphics .rentals .ws
.consulting .enterprises .green .rocks  
.contractors .equipment .guru .run  
.diamonds .estate .healthcare .solutions  
.directory .farm .holiday .space  
.design .florist .life .tech  
.domains .fund .marketing .tours  
.education .gallery .ninja .website  
.email .glass .online .in  

Monday, May 22, 2017

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